Spotify: For the Record Podcast

2021: That’s a Wrap!

Delivering the most-streamed artists, podcasts and listening habits of millions of users is a massive project that intersects creativity and tech. We’re lifting the lid to show you how it’s done, with a cast of Spotifiers who worked tirelessly to make your 2021 Wrapped results come to life: Spotify’s VP, Global Executive Creative Director Alex Bodman; Spotify Engineering Lead Udaya Uma Pillalamarri; and Spotify Data Storyteller Eliot van Buskirk. Plus we’ll hear from Latin superstar Bad Bunny as well as Nathan Evans, the Scottish postman who had us all singing sea shanties this year.


Spotify: Mic Check

Hear from CKay, the Most-streamed African Artist on Spotify

With more than 33 million monthly listeners, the Nigerian singer-songwriter CKay is currently the most-streamed African artist on Spotify. His viral hit song “Love N’wantiti” — written in his native language Igbo — has been on the lips of listeners around the globe, and he’s even created his own sub-genre: emo-Afrobeats. Check out the lastest episode of Spotify: Mic Check to learn more.


Spot On!

Hear From Leaders Across Business, Activism, and the Arts in Spotify’s Second HR Original Podcast, ‘Spot On!’

Who are the leaders in the world today who inspire us? They are the ones who challenge the status quo, harness their own uniqueness, and do what no one else has done before. They are the ones who are courageous and vulnerable at the same time and who advocate equity and self-care amongst vitriol and adversity. Spotify speaks to some of them in our second HR Original Podcast, Spot On!

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