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It’s RapCaviar’s Fifth Anniversary—Celebrate by Testing Your Hip-Hop Knowledge

May 11, 2020

Spotify’s RapCaviar playlist is an indisputable force in hip-hop—one that not only reflects the culture but also helps shape it. The playlist was started in 2015 to showcase the hottest rappers of the day and connect them with fans around the world. RapCaviar quickly caught fire and became one of Spotify’s biggest playlists—it now has over 12 million followers. Along the way, the playlist evolved to include the RapCaviar Live concert series, a new and intimate way to engage fans, as well as the RapCaviar Pantheon campaign.

Think you know RapCaviar? Take the below quiz developed in celebration of the playlist’s fifth anniversary to find out.

Who’s the youngest artist to appear on RapCaviar?
Which YBN Cordae song references RapCaviar and Most Necessary?
2 Chainz interviewed inventor Lonnie Johnson for RapCaviar Originals in 2019. What invention did they discuss?
Which was the first Roddy Ricch song to appear on RapCaviar?
Dreamville and Bankrol Hayden released a song with the same title five months apart. They were both featured in RapCaviar. Name the song.
In what city did the first RapCaviar Live concert take place, in 2017?
Which artist was not part of the second RapCaviar Pantheon in 2019?

Note: Got a question wrong? Try again!

(You can change your answers until you get the right one.)