Alexander Skarsgård Spotlights Innovative Solutions to Our Planet’s Biggest Challenges on the New Podcast ‘How We Fix This’

Our planet is facing some serious issues. And How We Fix This—a new podcast hosted and narrated by Emmy and Golden Globe awarded actor Alexander Skarsgård—offers some serious solutions. Co-produced by non-profit impact ecosystem Norrsken and Spotify, the series will spotlight eight pioneering startups that are building tools to combat some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. 

Over 8 episodes, How We Fix This will explore a significant global dilemma and highlight the innovative approaches startups are taking to address them. The series not only features the founder’s journeys, but also includes insights from leading researchers and experts, including the World Wide Fund for Nature and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

“From Nigerian solar panel rentals and German chocolate made without cocoa to burping cows in Sweden, this project highlights the people out there who are building innovative and awe-inspiring solutions to the world’s greatest challenges,” said Alexander. “I am very excited to introduce these heroes to a global audience.”

By highlighting these role models selected from the Norrsken Impact/100 listan annual ranking of the world’s most promising impact startupsHow We Fix This hopes to inspire recent graduates, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business professionals who are passionate about affecting change through technology, innovation, and environmental sustainability.

“We can no longer celebrate companies simply for their growth and valuation, no matter if they destroy the planet. Instead, we need role-models like the founders on How We Fix This,” says Niklas Adalberth, founder of Norrsken Foundation. “They are part of a growing, global movement of purpose-driven entrepreneurs leveraging innovation and technology to tackle problems like climate change, sustainability and poverty. We need thousands more like them, and I hope their stories can inspire others to pursue their own ideas for how to positively impact the world.”  

The startups featured on How We Fix This include:

  • Brimstone (USA): Developing deeply decarbonized cement.
  • Planet A Foods (Germany): Producing chocolate without cocoa. 
  • Volta Greentech (Sweden): Seaweed-based feed supplements reducing cows’ greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Neoplants (France): Bioengineered plant systems designed to eliminate indoor pollutants.
  • SunFi (Nigeria): Helping consumers transition to solar power. 
  • Commons (USA): A platform for individuals to track and reduce their carbon footprint. 
  • Nilus (Argentina): Rescuing and redistributing food to combat food insecurity. 
  • Plan A (Germany): Tools for corporations to measure and act on their carbon footprint. 

How We Fix This follows companies that provide tangible solutions to some of the world’s most pressing matters, and as a global audio platform we have a crucial role to play to amplify these,” says Hanna Grahn, Sustainability Lead at Spotify. “I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate with Norrsken, leading scientists, and Alexander to inspire more people around the world to get involved on these topics.”

Dive into the first episode of How We Fix This below, and look out for a new episode every Wednesday that explores a pressing new challenge our planet faces.