Taylor Swift Records “Delicate” and Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” for Spotify Singles

Hot off the heels of her vertical video release for “Delicate,” Taylor Swift is back with two new Spotify Singles – special acoustic renditions of “Delicate” and Earth, Wind & Fire’s September,” which were recorded at The Tracking Room in Nashville, TN.

Taylor said, “Delicate” is a song about the vulnerability that immediately surfaces in all of us the minute we meet someone we want to like us. We think about everything they might’ve heard about us, every reason they wouldn’t want us. Every step forward toward that other person scares us, but it thrills us too. Delicate is about the balancing act of the rush and the fear, and hoping it’s really worth it to take that chance.” In addition, Taylor chose “September” for sentimental reasons. She’s always loved the classic tune by Earth, Wind & Fire, written by Maurice White, Al McKay and Allee Willis.

Taylor is a fan of Spotify Singles. Swifties will remember that she incorporated two Spotify Singles tracks on her personally curated Songs Taylor Loves Spotify playlist.

Taylor’s newest Spotify Singles couldn’t come at a better time. As the singer prepares for the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour starting on May 8th in Glendale, AZ, the new recordings are sure to excite fans while they gear up for the concert with their own Taylor-inspired playlists.

Fans can check out Taylor’s two new Spotify Singles HERE.