Deck Out The Halls

The Spotify Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

Festive pajamas, scarves, candles, chocolate … you’ve already exhausted all the go-to gifts for your inner circle. Here’s an obvious but brilliant idea: music. It’s a clear crowd pleaser, and with Spotify, giving the joy of music—to your family, friends, loved ones, or self—may be easier to give than you think.

From a Premium account to a Spotify-compatible wearable, there are plenty of holiday gift options to please everyone—from the pickiest listener to your own music-loving self.

For the bestie who’s always asking what song is playing
We recommend:
 a Spotify digital gift card

Don’t leave them out of the loop. A gentle nudge toward a Premium subscription means hours of ad-free podcasts, uninterrupted song listening, and more features that help keep a person up to date with the latest releases. A generous gift card will make that transition to Premium even smoother. Gift 12 months for $119.88, 6 months for $59.94, 3 months for $29.97, and 1 month for $9.99.

If you’re looking to keep up with the Joneses
We recommend:
 Spotify Premium for Family

The Joneses might not all agree with what to listen to at any given moment, but luckily they don’t have to, because *they* have unlimited access to Spotify’s audio library through their shared account. So why not you too? With a Spotify Premium for Family account, allow the young listeners in your house to keep the older generation savvy with what’s hot right now—and also get really into their parents’ throwback playlists. Bonus: Family master account holders in the US ($14.99 a month for up to six family members) get a Google Home Mini voice speaker as part of their plan for a limited time—so it’s a two-for-one.

For the family member who’s always misplacing their smartphone
We recommend: any smart home device

Forget that phone—with a new smart home device, you can access your music speaker with the sound of your voice. First, download Spotify. Then simply say the name, artist, playlist, or burning question, and the built-in assistant will answer. Plus, most smart home devices are compatible with Spotify Connect, so the music will surround you whenever, wherever.

For the college student who’s too stressed to playlist
We recommend: 
Spotify Premium for Students

We get it, it’s been a tough semester. But no matter how many essays, quizzes, tests, projects, theses, or finals you’ve conquered, there’s always time for a study playlist—or a night off with a movie. So treat yo’ self to Spotify Premium for Students and get access to Spotify Premium—and, if you’re in the US, Hulu and SHOWTIME—for a low monthly price that means you can still afford your textbooks.

For the fitness addict whose playlists are timed to a daily run
We recommend: 
a Spotify-compatible smartwatch

Some come with Spotify pre-installed, so all you have to do is point toward the tunes that get you going. With others, simply download the Spotify app. Either way, it’s a great way to play your music in style.

For the “It’s the thought that counts” friend
We recommend: 
Spotify’s relaunched free version

It’s like the mixtapes you once lovingly curated. Play songs in any order, skip all you want, discover new artists, and create your own playlists. The best part? It doesn’t cost a thing. Instruct them to simply download the app, add some of their favorite artists, and go.

No matter whether you’re buying for yourself or for others, check out our latest Spotify Singles Christmas songs to keep you in the holiday spirit, making your list and checking it twice.