5 Fast Facts About Spotify and Samsung’s Partnership Expansion

Back in August, we announced that Spotify had been named Samsung’s new go-to music service provider, bringing a more seamless, multi-device listening experience to their users. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve brought our partnership to the next level. Spotify will be pre-installed on the newest Samsung mobile devices, so music and podcast lovers can start listening as soon as they turn on their new phone.

Looking forward to a new gadget—and to getting to your favorite music and podcasts even quicker? Here are five fast facts about Spotify and Samsung’s partnership expansion.

  1. It’s a continuation of our announcement last August (ICYMI, Spotify is Samsung’s go-to music service provider)
  2. Spotify will be pre-installed on millions of new Samsung mobile devices globally
  3. Those devices include the soon-to-be-released Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, Galaxy Fold and select Galaxy A Series phones*—so getting a new phone means discovering new music and podcasts that much sooner
  4. Eligible consumers with select Samsung devices in the U.S. will qualify for six months of free Spotify Premium, redeemable in app
  5. From our integration with Bixby, Samsung’s intelligence platform, to our availability across TVs tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches, we’re just getting started.

We’re excited to continue supporting Samsung devices this year to allow Samsung and Spotify users to discover and enjoy music in new ways. You can read even more here and determine if you qualify for the six months of free Spotify Premium.

*Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, Galaxy Fold and select Galaxy A series devices; may vary by region and carrier.