Upgraded Spotify Premium Family Plan: Value the Entire Household Will Love

One family member can’t get enough of the new Lion King. Another is into Billie Eilish. All your spouse wants to stream is classic rock. And you? You need a good meditation podcast. Luckily, there’s something for everyone—and individualized access to stream it—on our Spotify Premium Family plan.

With our updated plan, Spotify Premium Family subscribers have on-demand access to 450,000 podcast titles and 50 million tracks of ad-free music. What’s more, parents will now be able to control the Explicit Content Filter setting of all other accounts on their plan (these parental controls are a long-requested feature).

The update is now available in Ireland and will rollout in all markets with Premium Family this fall. Here are a few other things your entire household—parents, siblings, grandparents, maybe even the dog—can look forward to:

  • Family Mix: Families will get exclusive access to a personalized playlist packed with songs the whole family enjoys. Family Mix is updated regularly and you can control who is in each session to optimize your family’s favorite shared listening moments. 
  • Family Hub: Billing users can now manage their Family’s settings in one place, including adding or removing family members, keeping your home address up to date, and adjusting your parental controls.
  • Six Accounts: Spotify Premium Family still provides six individual Spotify Premium accounts for family members living under one roof, meaning you’ll keep your own saved music and playlists.

Already a Premium Family user? You’ll be notified as soon as the upgraded Family plan is available in the coming months.