Spotify’s New Podcast Playlists Will Help You Discover Your Next Obsession

For years, Spotify’s flagship music playlists like RapCaviar, Hot Country, and ¡Viva Latino! have helped listeners discover their new favorite artists and can’t miss music. Now, we’re bringing the same expertise that we put into our curated music playlists to podcasts. 

Through our new editorial podcast playlists, Spotify is helping listeners find their next favorite show by introducing them to the latest and greatest in podcast content. Whether it’s discovering the next series everyone will be buzzing about or collecting the freshest voices on every subject imaginable, our team of playlist editors from all around the globe are listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts and grouping the best episodes into topical, streamable playlists. 

Beginning today, we’re launching dozens of playlists in the U.S., Germany, Sweden, the U.K., Mexico, and Brazil—all intended to help you find your next favorite show or episode. Whether you’re a budding chef listening to Fodder for Foodies in the US, or an aspiring Beckham shuffling through Goal! in the U.K., it’s never been easier to find your perfect podcast. The full mix of playlists will look a little different in every market, but stay tuned—over time, we will continue to update existing playlists and add new ones. 

As part of our launch, we’re also introducing three flagship playlists—Best Podcasts of the Week, Crime Scene, and Brain Snacks—that will be localized for each market and curated by local editors. Take a deep dive into these three new flagship playlists, available only on Spotify, below. 

Best Podcasts of the Week

Best Podcasts of the Week is our hand-curated roundup of the week’s top podcast episodes. For those who love consuming everything from news and comedy to true crime and sports, you’ll find our recommendations of the most noteworthy, culturally relevant, and important shows here, updated every Tuesday. 

Crime Scene 

Crime Scene is the place to be for those who enjoy high quality storytelling and discovering new true crime stories. This playlist updates weekly with all types of crime content from well-known true crime brands that will leave you hungry for more.  

Brain Snacks

Brain Snacks is for the information seekers who crave the latest factoids—in 20 minutes or less. If you’re looking to “get in the know,” Brain Snacks is the playlist for you.  There’s always something new to learn from this playlist that brings you fresh episodes every other week.

Whether it’s Crime Scene, Fodder for Foodies, Goal, or one of our dozens of other playlists, let Spotify’s podcast playlists help you find your new favorite podcast.

We’re also excited to share new Spotify for Podcasters functionality — playlist notifications. Read more about it on the Spotify for Podcasters blog.