Daily Wellness: A New Mix of Motivational Podcasts and Personalized Music

Taking a moment—or two—for yourself is especially important these days. Yet wellness is deeply personal. Some center their wellness around eating healthy and exercising, while others focus on positive thinking and small acts of self-care. With that in mind, Spotify is introducing Daily Wellness, a personalized mix of grounding motivational podcasts and feel-good music that can help you find positivity, mindfulness, or peace throughout your day.

The new playlist, made to fit into your daily routine, updates once in the morning then again in the evening. In it, you’ll find hours of content, from music you might recognize to curated wellness podcasts, plus a few new things we think you’ll like.  

Every morning, the playlist will greet you with positive, motivational content to kickstart your day. In between inspirational podcasts like Daily Quote and Yoga Girl Daily, you’ll find personalized music to help you rise and shine. Our goal? To help you feel like you could conquer the world, one day at a time. 

At night, the playlist refreshes with content that’s a bit more relaxing. Practice mindfulness with  Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra, hear poetry from The Slowdown, and wind down with our music picks. The evening edition is built to get you ready for a good night’s sleep—one of the most crucial acts of wellness and self-care.

No matter how you choose to incorporate wellness into your life, Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist makes it easy to add a little “me time” to your routine.

The Daily Wellness Playlist is available now for free and premium users in the U.S. and U.K. Find it on your “Made for You” hub on mobile, web, and desktop.

*Update October 20, 2020: Daily Wellness has also rolled out in Canada, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

*Update November 24, 2020: Daily Wellness has also rolled out Germany.