Meditation, Mindfulness, and Ukulele: Niall Breslin’s Podcast Brings Meaning to Life Through Music

There’s a myriad of ways to take care of your mental health, whether that’s listening to a favorite band, getting outside, or taking time out every day to meditate. But with so much going on, sometimes a calm voice or gentle push is what you need to get started. 

Let podcast host Niall Breslin be your guide. In June, the musician ,mindfulness expert, and mental health advocate started recording the award-winning 52-episode series Where Is My Mind? to examine different coping skills for the challenging world we live in. Winner of the Creativity award at this year’s British Podcast Awards, Where Is My Mind? listeners can learn how to get off autopilot, navigate constant distraction, and explore what brings meaning to their lives.

Where Is My Mind? acknowledges how people have been feeling over the past few months of social distancing and works to address these emotions in informative and enlightening ways. Early episodes of the podcast detail the basics of meditation, mindfulness, and communication; the second season has progressed to cover topics like using nature, comedy, and exercise to help improve our well-being.

The role of music in mental health has always been near and dear to Niall’s heart. To bring this to life, as well as to give listeners the tools they need to create music of their own, he bought 400 ukuleles and gifted them to individuals currently addressing their own mental health.

Upon receiving their ukuleles, the budding musicians set off to hone their new skill. Specifically, they worked hard to learn the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. After a few weeks of practice, the ukulele players came together—albeit at a distance—for a chance to record themselves on a brand-new track and special music video set to coincide with a Where Is My Mind? episode on the topic of music and mental health.

The recording features 400 budding Irish ukulele players; professional musicians; choir singers; Niall’s band, The Blizzards; and some special Irish guest artists. Embrace the healing power of music by checking out the exclusive music video above and tuning into the new single, only on Spotify.

Looking for more mental health resources? Stream the latest episode of Where Is My Mind? below. Or, head to Irish Mental Health Charity A Lust for Life