From True Crime to Romance, Four New Indonesian Podcasts Tap Into the Local Culture

Listeners in Indonesia can’t get enough of podcasts. In fact, they stream more podcasts on Spotify than any other country in Southeast Asia. Which is why we’re excited to introduce four new Spotify Original Podcasts in the market.

The quartet of podcasts taps into Indonesian culture, spanning genres from horror fiction and true crime to love and relationships. Each show was produced in collaboration with best-in-class storytellers and features local celebrities and personalities. With these new shows, Spotify is working to expand the current podcast landscape in Indonesia while providing more opportunities for the country’s growing creator community.

Find out more about the new podcasts and check out previews for each of the shows below.


LENYAP joins the ever-growing genre of true-crime podcasts, this time focused on some of the most infamous murders committed in Indonesia. Taking stories straight from the nation’s headlines, host Marissa Jeffryna transports listeners from the crime scene to the investigation and explores how detectives worked to solve the case. Buckle up, this podcast is full of dramatic twists and turns you won’t want to miss.

Listen to the LENYAP series trailer here.

Pembunuh Berantai

Also joining the true-crime lineup is Pembunuh Berantai, an exclusive local adaptation of the popular podcast Serial Killers. Like its counterpart, the show gives listeners a psychological—and entertaining—glimpse into the minds, methods, and madness of some of the world’s  most notorious serial killers.

Listen to episode one of Pembunuh Berantai, “Zodiac Killer Bag. 1” here.

Dear Dearest

Ever wonder what celebrities write to their sweethearts? Find out on Dear Dearest, where each episode features love letters written and read by Indonesian celebrities and personalities. Hosts share personal stories with listeners, offering unique insight into their lives. 

Kicking off the first episode are singer Joshua Suherman and actress Clairine Clay. Check it out here.

Kisah Horor The Sacred Riana

If you’re a fan of things that go bump in the night, Kisah Horor The Sacred Riana is for you. The weekly show serves up scary stories, urban legends, and creepy folklore from Indonesia. Featuring the voices of guest celebrities—and backed up by sound effects and a spine-chilling score—this podcast is designed to create an immersive narrative and stimulate the listener’s imagination. Keep an ear out for the voices of singer Widi Mulia, actress Rachel Amanda Aurora, singer Ihsan Tarore, and other popular Indonesian personalities.

Listen to the Kisah Horor The Sacred Riana trailer here.

Stream these podcasts now, available exclusively on Spotify.