Songs to Soundtrack Your Vaccination Journey

So many of our life moments—major and mundane—are soundtracked by music. Weddings, workdays, graduations, birthdays, commutes, workouts . . . the list goes on and on. Recently, we’ve seen an all-new type of celebratory soundtrack pop up around the world: The COVID-19 Vaccine playlist. 

Since January 1, Spotify fans have created more than 7,700 vaccine-related playlists globally. And based on the songs they’ve added, it’s clear that optimism, excitement and humor are key themes across tracklists. 

Some frequently added songs include: 

In the past 90 days, we’ve even seen a 350% increase in fan-generated Spotify playlists specific to the COVID-19 vaccine. And as “what vaccine did you get?” starts to become a commonplace question, people are repping the manufacturers by naming their playlists after specific vaccine types. 

So, to help soundtrack your own vaccine journey, we’ve created a new playlist to take you from the pre-shot pump up, to the jab itself, to the post-vaccine celebration. We even worked alongside the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to include a link to Get Vaccine Answers directly in the playlist, ensuring all Americans are informed and have the resources they need before, during, and after the shot.

Get jazzed for the jab with our new playlist below.