5 Fast Facts About Spotify’s New Podcast Charts

*Updated Oct. 28, 2021: Podcast Charts are now available on the web in an all-new, easy-to-use browseable experience across 26 markets and 15 languages.

With a sea of over 2.2 million podcasts to choose from, we want to provide resources for listeners to discover podcasts they’ll love, and for creators to find new audiences. There are many ways to find new shows to listen to on Spotify—from the recommendations on your Home page to our themed editorial playlists—and it’s also a priority for us to enable everyone to discover the podcasts that are most popular across genres and locations.

So today, we’re unveiling a brand-new Podcast Charts experience including new and more detailed charts, a web experience, and highly shareable features so podcasters and listeners alike can share the word of their favorite shows.

Spotify’s Podcast Charts are meant to be a one-stop shop for discovering new shows and seeing what the rest of the world is listening to. But more than that, they’re also the result of our commitment to transparency with creators, who can understand what factors into our charts and how they can position themselves for success. 

Here are five new features to know about in the new Charts experience:

  1. “Top Podcasts” is where you’ll find the overall most popular shows—ones fans have been listening to for some time, and rising newcomers. It’s determined by a combination of overall follower counts and the number of recent unique listeners.
  2. “Top Episodes” is where you’ll find of-the-moment trends in what people are listening to today. This chart is determined exclusively by the number of unique listeners on that day, providing a look into what’s buzzworthy at the moment.
  3. U.S. users can also now find our Podcast Charts on the web in an all-new, easy-to-use browseable experience. (We’re exploring additional markets—stay tuned!)
  4. We’ve built our charts to be as trustworthy and transparent as possible: They’re based on a combination of number of unique listeners and number of followers and provide expanded opportunity for podcasters to get their shows discovered. 
  5. The best way to support your favorite podcasters is by following them and listening to their episodes, since there are now more ways for them to be discovered. The depth and breadth of Top Podcasts and category charts allows many more podcasters to claim a spot, while Trending rewards new and emerging podcasters.

We’re excited for these updated charts to promote podcast discovery, enabling listeners around the world to easily find the best content from their regions as well as view charts from other countries for a global perspective—and potentially a new listening experience. We’ll continue to evolve our Podcast Charts experience to meet listener needs and open up new opportunities for creators.

Check out what’s currently rising on the charts: Go to the Browse All section of your Spotify app, hit Podcasts and then tap the tile for Podcast Charts.