The New Summer Breakouts Playlist Is Your Soundtrack for the Season

What’s the soundtrack to your summer? At Spotify, we’re taking bets on which breakout artists and songs will be racking up streams and sharing these songs in our new Summer Breakouts playlist, available to users across the U.S. and Canada.

Curated by Spotify’s editorial experts with tracks they predict will pop off this summer, the playlist also ranks the order in which they appear to fit each user’s taste based on the music they love.


From artists like BIA and Tai Verdes to Dayglow and Audrey Nuna, the playlist provides a range of new music to explore. Each week, the songs on the playlist will refresh, giving you more artists and tracks to discover and share. No matter your plans, you’ll have the perfect summer playlist for any moment. 

Ready to discover the artists and songs that we think will hit it big this season? Check out the Summer Breakouts playlist.