Spotify Expands Our Company News Podcast Slate With Two More Shows for Listeners To Love

In summer 2020, we launched the Spotify: For the Record podcast to accompany our newsroom as we dove behind the scenes into music, podcasts, creators, tech, and trends in the way only Spotify can. In the months to follow, we spoke to K-pop fans around the world, explored how to create a podcast, got into the nitty-gritty of our quarterly earnings, and much more. Now, after a year of storytelling under our belt, we’re excited to share that we’re expanding Spotify: For the Record from one company podcast to three.  

These three separate podcasts are now better tailored to our audiences—from Spotify fans to employees to industry insiders—with important, relevant themes and episodes that are unique to each group. What’s ear-catching to those in the creator and entertainment industries is often somewhat different from what’s interesting to those who are up on consumer and lifestyle trends, as well as from those in the business and finance community. By turning Spotify: For the Record into three shows—Spotify: For the Record, Spotify: Mic Check, and Spotify: Discover This—we’re able to capture stories and entertain our listeners in a whole new way.

“We want to tell stories in a way that’s uniquely Spotify and probably to no one’s surprise, we believe audio provides the perfect medium,” said Spotify’s Head of Global Communications, Dustee Jenkins. “As a company, we strive to bring creators and fans closer together, and our podcasts further that ambition. By moving from one podcast into three segments with distinct audiences, we can ensure that the stories we’re telling and the topics we’re covering reach the people who care about them the most.” 

Check out our new slate of podcasts. 

Spotify: Discover This

Debuts mid-October

Tune in if you love music, podcasts, cultural moments, trends, and inside scoops from experts, artists, and creators.

Spotify: Discover This will share fresh insights on music, podcasting, cultural moments, and trends amplified in a way only Spotify can. This Spotify podcast is a smart mix of great music, artist interviews, and surprises delivered with a healthy dose of humor. The premiere episode will focus on the evolution of country music by showcasing the new emerging artists that listeners are discovering.

Spotify: Mic Check

Turns on mid-October

Tune in if you love artists and creators telling their stories in their own words.

Spotify: Mic Check will connect creators with fans through intimate conversations with musicians and podcasters from around the world. Each episode, artists and podcasters will share exclusive recordings and personal stories in their own words.

Spotify: For the Record

Relaunches on October 28

Tune in if you love exclusives and insights on Spotify from our leaders and teams. 

In the third season of Spotify: For the Record, we will continue to pull back the curtain on our business, taking listeners behind the scenes with earnings reports, breaking news, product launches, and business updates. But this season, we’re going further and making this podcast the only place where our audience can hear certain business updates.

Can’t wait? Make sure to “Follow” each show on Spotify to listen to new episodes as soon as they drop.