Spotify’s Sound Up Program Seeks Aspiring Podcasters To Create Shows Geared Toward Kids and Families

Since 2018, Spotify’s Sound Up program has worked with underrepresented creators to help them develop their podcasting skills and grow audiences. To date, Sound Up has launched in 12 markets—including Japan, Italy, the U.S., U.S. LatinX, India, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, the U.K., Germany, Brazil, and Argentina—and has offered participants educational resources, technical support, and opportunities to build relationships with fellow podcasters. 

Along the way, Sound Up alumni have gone on to create award-winning shows while Dope Labs, FOGO, Search Engine Sex, and You Heard Me Write have all ranked on Spotify’s podcast charts. 

For its latest iteration, Sound Up will be working with 10 up-and-coming podcasters in the U.S. who create high-quality content geared toward kids, families, and co-listening experiences. With the U.S. population growing ever more diverse, family content from underrepresented creators is needed now more than ever. Sound Up is on a mission to discover and elevate those voices.

So what can you expect from Sound Up Us: Kids & Family 2022 edition? Check out these four fast facts:  

1. Up to 10 underrepresented creators will be part of the program for five months

Those selected for the program will go through a three-phase immersive experience where they will hone their storytelling, get more experience in audio production, and workshop their ideas around creating high-quality content for families. Along the way, they’ll receive support and guidance through in-person training and virtual workshops while also having access to all of the technology and tools needed to succeed. 

2. This is the first family-focused iteration of Sound Up

After launching a sports-focused program in the U.K. earlier this year, Sound Up is now turning its attention to families. Why? Simply put, co-listening is an increasingly great way for kids and their families to spend quality time together while enjoying content that is educational and entertaining. Sound Up wants to continue to support this trend by allowing underrepresented creators with fresh perspectives to deliver more content to listeners in this space.

“We are so excited to launch our very first genre-specific programs this year. We are always adapting the program to reflect the changes in the medium and with our focus internally on Kids & Family it just made sense to expand our curriculum,” said Natalie Tulloch, Global Lead of Sound Up at Spotify.

3. Creators will work with top professionals

Sound Up’s longtime partner and collaborator Rekha Murthy, an independent podcast strategist, along with Dawn J. Fraser, a professional storyteller and communications coach, will be facilitating this program, giving participants the chance to collaborate closely with some of the best in the industry. 

“Our hope is that we will be able to bring experts from the field of childhood development in conjunction with our amazing facilitators and podcast experts into the classroom to help participants tell stories that connect with their audience,” Natalie explained.  

4. Participants will create their own pilot episodes 

In order for participants to put what they’ve learned about the art and strategy of podcast creation and development to the test, they will create their own fiction or nonfiction pilot episode that accounts for kids’ intellectual and emotional well-being, and allows families to listen together.

Sound Up is accepting applications for this program now through April 8. On March 24 at 3 p.m. EST, Dawn, along with Spotify Head of Kids Audio Content Verdell Walker, will host a Q&A session on Spotify Greenroom to answer any questions applicants may have. For more on application requirements, be sure to click here.

For more information on Sound Up, and to check out the incredible podcasts that Sound Up alumni have created so far, check out the official Sound Up website.