5 Video Podcasts From VICE Media Group Are Coming to Spotify in Southeast Asia

More and more, people of all ages are turning to video podcasts to stay up-to-date on what’s happening locally and globally. And in Indonesia, nearly one in two Indonesians regularly listens to podcasts, according to the VICE 2022 Indonesia Census. Indonesia also ranks in the top 10 countries globally for podcast consumption on Spotify as of November 2022. 

So in a fated meeting of the minds, VICE Media Group and Spotify in Southeast Asia are joining for the duo’s first content partnership. Together, we produced a series of five Spotify Original Video podcasts that reflect Indonesia’s vibrant and diverse music, youth, and cultural scenes as a nod to VICE’s 10 million unique monthly users there, more than 86% of whom are between ages 16 and 34. 

“VICE is trusted by young audiences to cut through the noise to deliver a distinct perspective on today’s music and culture, as well as what’s coming next,” says Nilesh Zaveri, Managing Director, VICE Media Group APAC. “This exclusive partnership with Spotify represents a significant opportunity to create distinctive video podcast content for Indonesia’s youth, and we look forward to exploring additional opportunities to bring the VICE brand to more audiences, across media platforms, throughout Asia Pacific.” 

This series of five Spotify Original Video podcasts, created and produced locally by VICE Media’s team in Jakarta, will include three daily and two weekly video podcasts. Hosted by some of the best in the industry, they will cover a myriad of today’s hottest topics, such as current and emerging Indonesian musicians, artists, and movie stars; the latest music news and trends; and what young Indonesians think of their country today and their place in society. 

VICE daily Spotify Original Video podcasts include:

  • The Daily Fix, hosted by Indonesian hip-hop artist Laze, is a music-focused daily quick hit covering the latest music news and updates, with a hint of nostalgic moments from Indonesian music that can’t be missed.
  • WTF (Wow Ternyata Faktual) showcases real-life factual stories from VICE’s editorial team that, no matter how seemingly absurd, are all true. The series is hosted by influencer, singer, and model Sailormoney
  • Soundcheck, hosted by rapper Basboi, is a daily podcast that recommends the newest Indonesian artists and bands based on various topics and moods. No matter your situation, Soundcheck has a playlist for it. 

VICE’s weekly Spotify Original Video podcasts include:

  • Census Nusantara is where Indonesia’s youth share what they think about the country they live in and who they are as people. The video podcast is hosted by content creator Fathia Izzati and singer Raka Ibrahim. 
  • Indo-Pop, which is hosted by renowned local artist Basboi, is a video podcast that features artists and prominent figures from Indonesia’s pop culture scene. From indie superstars to movie stars, guests share what inspired their last releases, what their top five albums of all time are, and which artists shaped them.

“2022 has been an amazing year of growth for us in Indonesia,” notes Carl Zuzarte, Head of Studios for Southeast Asia at Spotify. “We introduced new format innovations such as video podcasts, among others, to further build upon the podcast ecosystem in Indonesia while also expanding on the podcast experience on Spotify. Also, we’re always on the lookout for top content creators to work with to deliver best-in-class content. That’s why we’re excited to partner with VICE Media Group to present this stellar slate of five video podcasts featuring collaborations with Indonesia’s most current and popular cultural creators, artists, and musicians.”

Watch the five new video podcasts, available only on Spotify.