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Turn It Up: Our Songs of Summer Predictions Plus the Hottest Summer Trends

From the dance floor to sandy beaches, people are celebrating the start of summer with sultry songs and temperature-raising tracks—and Spotify is getting right into the mix with our annual Songs of Summer predictions and trends. But first, let’s check out what listeners are streaming around the world.

Tracking the hottest global streams

To help visualize what’s hot worldwide, we’ve created a map that highlights the most popular tunes in more than 100 countries across the Northern Hemisphere. The map will update weekly, starting May 27, to show the latest sizzling tracks from different countries.

Click the white dots on the map below to see what’s trending in far-off destinations. 

Our crystal ball of summer predictions

Each year, we publish a list of the red-hot hits our global curation team thinks will pop off this summer. The team looks at a number of factors, like streaming numbers and current trajectory, and uses future forecasting to predict Spotify’s Songs of Summer, listed here in alphabetical order:

From Coastal Cowgirl to cruel summer, here’s what’s trending 

Overall, there are more than 32 million user-generated “summer” playlists on Spotify, and here are the biggest trends driving streams on Spotify this summer.*  

  • The vibes continue for Coastal Cowgirls: Over the last three months, we’ve seen a nearly 2,000% increase in the creation of user-generated “Coastal Cowgirl” playlists on Spotify—featuring laid-back, sun-soaked sounds from artists like Zach Bryan, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, Leon Bridges, The Chicks, Miley Cyrus, and John Mayer. To get more song inspo, check out our interview with Coastal Cowgirl “It” girl Paige Lorenze.

As your summertime inspiration abounds, check out our Songs of Summer playlist to listen to all of Spotify’s track predictions in one place.

*All data reflects listening in the Northern Hemisphere unless otherwise noted.