View of Creme - A Spotify Experience

Spotify’s creme Playlist Comes to Life With an Interactive Art Exhibit Dedicated to Brazilian Trap and Funk

As trap artists dominate the charts all over the world, Brazil’s urbano scene has made its impact felt with its fast and incredible rise. And starting this week, fans can be a part of it. 

Kicking off August 11, and then continuing from August 13 to 19 at the Praça das Artes in São Paulo, Creme – A Spotify Experience is our free interactive exhibit celebrating the iconic songs and artists featured on our creme playlist with original costumes, classic album covers and music videos, recreated as backdrops, listening and viewing rooms, and live performances.

A truly immersive experience in Brazil’s trap and funk history, Creme – A Spotify Experience features costumes and accessories from artists as well as exclusive spaces that recreate backdrops and sets from iconic album covers, music videos, and moments—all available for photo ops. Scenes include the Flow Espacial clip with the original graffiti by 30PRAUM, the wall with a flyer for parties and concerts by GR6 artists, the contract signing table at the Mainstreet office, and the Pineapple Storm Poesia Acústica 6 backdrop. The spaces also have songs and written content narrating the origin and rise of each artist.

Additionally, Creme – A Spotify Experience features some of the urbano scene’s most influential music videos from the last three years. Divided into six themes—self-esteem, relationships, belief, city, collectivity, and globalization—the collection highlights the accomplishments of artists like Saturno, BIN, Simplesmente Ela, and Mc Gabzin

The exhibit also has a special booth where visitors can listen to the signature sounds of legendary producers and beatmakers such as Pedro Lotto, Mu540, LARINHX, Papatinho, Caio Passos, DJ Matt D, and DJ Perera.

And for a little extra “creme” on top of the experience, there will be some unforgettable live performances. Orochi, BIN, Borges, Chefin, and Oruam will take the stage Saturday, August 12, while MC Ryan SP, Mc IG, Mc Davi, Mc Don Juan, Mc Dricka, MC Marks, and Vulgo FK will close out the exhibit Sunday, August 20.Tickets are available for a limited time on Ingresse.

Get ready for the experience and listen to our creme playlist now.