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Spotify’s RADAR Program Brings a Fresh Look and New Stories From Global Artists, Songwriters, and Podcasters

Since 2020, RADAR has been the global home for what’s next in sound, lifting up rising artists, burgeoning songwriters, and promising podcasters as they develop and expand their global reach on the path to superstardom. To best represent the wide breadth of RADAR and strengthen its commitment to bringing emerging talent to the forefront, we’re taking a step forward in our journey of inviting listeners to witness the future of music, songwriting, and podcasting by bringing them into the creator’s world.

Starting today you’ll notice RADAR’s new look gracing the program’s global collection of playlists, as well as billboards, platform marketing, and social content. Feturing a distinctive paper cutout visual identity, RADAR will put a strong focus on bringing rich storytelling to the mix in addition to a prominent feature on the RADAR playlists. With videos that show  who tomorrow’s stars are, what inspires them, and what keeps them going, listeners can step into the world of their new favorite creators. 

“We’re thrilled to introduce audiences to the future of music, songwriting, and podcasts with this new campaign,” Hannah Beeching, Global Music Programs Lead at Spotify, tells For the Record. “RADAR originally started as a way to support emerging artists and has now expanded to include songwriters and podcasters from around the world. The program gives creators a global platform to help grow their careers and reach new and existing fans through bespoke social content, marketing, and editorial opportunities.” 

Featuring a roster of over 700 artists across 183 countries since its inception, Spotify’s RADAR program has helped showcase what’s next in the world of music, lifting up the very best in global songwriting and performing talent. In recent years, we’ve been proud to support RADAR alumni like Libianca, Alessandro La Cava, Veigh, Shermanology, Tyla, NMIXX, and one of the hottest stars on the planet, Peso Pluma

“Songwriters are the heart of the music industry, and we’re proud to bring greater visibility to their craft with RADAR Songwriters,” says Jacqueline Ankner, Songwriter & Publishing Relations Manager at Spotify. “We’ve introduced international hitmakers such as Ines Dunn, Natali Noor, Alessandro La Cava, Beach Noise, and more to new fans globally. We’re excited to continue to elevate the next generation of songwriting superstars with RADAR.”

Meet the New Class of RADAR Podcasters

In addition to the new look, we’re revealing a fresh class of RADAR Podcasters. These intrepid creators come from all over the world and cover a range of important and interesting topics. We’re excited to introduce RADAR fans to shows like Power Pizza, CineFacts, Half-Arsed History, Radio La Pera, and so many more. 

We know that one of the biggest challenges for podcasters is growing an audience, and that’s why RADAR aims to create opportunities and pathways for discovery within various markets across the globe. By amplifying the voices of these talented creators, along with their devoted communities, these shows can garner new, larger audiences.

“RADAR is about recognizing emerging podcast talent on Spotify, inspiring listeners to discover new voices, and building new fan-driven audiences for creators,” Bryan Thoensen, Senior Director, Head of Content Partnerships at Spotify, tells For the Record. “We’re proud to unveil the second class of RADAR Podcasters—a diverse group from around the world—and excited to give these shows some much-deserved time in the spotlight.”

Take a look at what some of the new Radar Podcasters are saying about being a part of the program:

Look out for these RADAR Podcasters from around the world on Spotify.

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