7 Colombian Podcasters Breaking Through in 2024

Spotify is home to more than 5 million podcasts. From impactful life stories to tips for conquering the world, the medium gives fans countless hours of content in a format that fits into any moment of their lives.

In Colombia, listeners are flocking to podcasts. In fact, Gen Z has a special affinity for them on Spotify, and the group makes up 41% of video-podcast consumers in the country. These listeners prefer to start their days with podcasts—a prime listening time is 6 to 8 a.m.—that cover music, health and wellness, culture and society, and much more.

For Spanish-language listeners on the hunt for new shows, we’ve rounded up some of our top podcast recommendations for 2024. These Colombian creators cover a wide range of topics—from humorous gossip to inspiring stories—so there’s something for everyone.

Gordas De Envidia de Camilo Pulgarín

On Gordas De Envidia de Camilo Pulgarín, Camilo Pulgarín‘s alter ego, María José, entertains fans with gossip, spicy questions, and funny anecdotes from his guests, which include social media personalities and artists from Medellín. The show more than doubled its listener count in its first 30 days on the platform, and is a podcast favorite for users between the ages of 18 and 24. 

Most-listened-to episode:

No Me Rindo By Silvy Araujo

Silvy Araujo is one of the best-known names in fitness in Colombia. The Cartagena-born certified trainer and entrepreneur has created a community with the slogan “No Me Rindo” (I don’t give up), and her signature phrase is also the title of her podcast. On her show, Silvy shares stories that go beyond healthy living. Her Spotify audience is predominantly aged 18 to 29 and based in Colombia, the United States, and Spain. Silvy’s show has climbed the charts, with 13 episodes entering the daily top 100 in Colombia on Spotify. 

Most-listened-to episode:

Táchalo – El Podcast De Sajú

The minds behind Sajú, one of Colombia’s most recognized environmentally focused ventures, created their podcast to share the philosophy of “Táchalo,” which is to “risk what is different, uncomfortable, or difficult to do.” Their podcast shares stories of people who tackle their dreams. The show is popular among listeners aged 18 to 24, and the podcast has grown 265% since its first month on the platform.

Most-listened-to episode:

Los Platos Sucios De La Rubia Inmoral

Ana María Cardona, known on social media as La Rubia Inmoral, uses her podcast to examine life, especially from a woman’s perspective. On Spotify, her show’s audience largely consists of users aged 18 to 29 in Colombia, the United States, and Spain. Since its 2021 debut, Los Platos Sucios De La Rubia Inmoral has seen its listenership increase 85% in its first 30 days on the platform, compared to the last month. The show has also seen 41 of its episodes enter Spotify’s daily top 100 chart in Colombia.

Most-listened-to episode:

VOS PODÉS de Tatiana Franko

Tatiana Franko, a seasoned journalist who has worked in television for more than 10 years, brings her interviewing skills to podcasting with her video podcast, VOS PODÉS de Tatiana Franko. “VOS PODÉS” (You Can) has become her signature phrase and is the message she hopes will resonate with listeners. She shares personal life stories of people who have gone through very challenging situations. The podcast has grown tremendously, resulting in 64 episodes’ reaching Spotify’s daily top 100 chart in Colombia. 

Most-listened-to episode:

Vivir Sin Permiso Con Abi

On this podcast, Daniela Abisambra deconstructs what it means to live life by your own standards. Her episodes include chats with guests from the entertainment and social media industry. Vivir Sin Permiso Con Abi has had four episodes on Spotify’s daily top 100 chart in Colombia. The show’s audience is largely aged 18 to 24 and lives in Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.

Most-listened-to episode:

Aleja y La Grúa Podcast

On this video podcast, Aleja and La Grúa discuss relatable stories with their listeners. Their funny commentary is a hit with fans and has helped 60 of their episodes enter Spotify’s daily top 100 chart in Colombia. The show’s success has transcended borders and is popular in the United States, Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, and Mexico.

Most-listened-to episode:


Check out this podcast playlist for a round-up of shows we’ve highlighted above. From insightful stories to tears of laughter, the playlist includes something for everyone.