Música Mexicana Isn’t Just a Phenomenon in Mexico and the U.S.—It’s Taking Over Latin America.

As one of the fastest-growing sounds worldwide, Música Mexicana is more than just a genre. It’s an essential part of Mexican culture, encompassing its history, traditions, and values.

Take the corrido, for example—a traditional form of song born from Mexico’s revolutionary times, and one of Música Mexicana’s most prominent styles. Corridos tell the stories of both real and fictional characters, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in heroic lyrics that convey past and present experiences. 

But the genre’s impact isn’t limited to Mexico. Instead, it resonates with fans from different countries and cultures. And thanks to social media—as well as the global Spotify charts—Música Mexicana has seen a sharp uptick in popularity. Between 2018 and 2023, Música Mexicana streams on Spotify grew by more than 440% globally, and last year alone, streams rose by 55%. Additionally, Gen Z streams of Música Mexicana have grown by nearly 60% on Spotify over the last year. 

Música Mexicana’s influence has especially grown throughout Latin America, where streams have increased by more than 195% between 2020 and 2023. 

Latin American countries with the most Música Mexicana streams on Spotify

(April 2023-March 2024)

  1. Guatemala
  2. Colombia
  3. Chile
  4. Argentina
  5. Peru
  6. El Salvador
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Ecuador
  9. Honduras
  10. Paraguay

Cross-cultural exchange

Need further proof of Música Mexicana’s spread throughout Latin America? Look to the regular stream of recent hits that feature the genre’s biggest stars alongside the hottest hitmakers throughout the region.

Last year, Grupo Frontera collaborated with Bad Bunny on “un100xto,” which became the most-streamed Música Mexicana song in a single day, as well as the group’s biggest hit to date. And just this month, Natanael Cano appeared on Bizarrap’s “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 59.”

Música Mexicana artists with the most Spotify streams in Latin America

  1. Peso Pluma
  2. Grupo Frontera
  3. Carin Leon
  4. Christian Nodal
  5. Fuerza Regida
  6. Junior H
  7. Natanael Cano
  8. Los Ángeles Azules
  9. Eslabon Armado
  10. Grupo Firme

Made in Mexico, big in Colombia

In Colombia, where Mexican culture has also left its mark on film, television, and food, Música Mexicana has developed a life of its own, with Spotify streams surging by 445% between 2020 and 2023. The instruments, melodies, and lyrics of the genre have greatly influenced the current generation of Colombian music and in turn spawned a number of collaborations between Mexican and Colombian artists, beginning with Christian Nodal and Piso 21’s “Pa’ Olvidarme De Ella.”

Most notably, Peso Pluma appeared on Karol G’s “QLONA” and invited Blessd to hop on “LAS MORRAS,” while Carin Leon teamed up with Maluma on “Según Quién” and Piso 21 on “Que Triste.” Perhaps not coincidentally, both artists stand as the top two Música Mexicana artists when it comes to Spotify streams in Colombia. 

These collaborations have enhanced the visibility of the genre in Colombia, resulting in a greater number of Colombian listeners’ embracing Música Mexicana artists and songs. 

Scratching the surface

Música Mexicana may be enjoying its moment in the Colombian sun, but all signs indicate that the genre is just heating up abroad. For touring Música Mexicana artists, Colombia has emerged as a must-stop destination, with Carin Leon performing there for the first time in 2023; Grupo Frontera took the stage at the Estéreo Picnic Festival in Bogotá earlier this year.

While Música Mexicana’s stars have found a wealth of success in Colombia, Colombian artists are making waves in Mexico as well: Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo—who has collaborated with the likes of Grupo Firme on “Alaska,” Carin Leon on “Una Vida Pasada,” and Christian Nodal on “La Mitad”—receives more streams from fans in Mexico City than anywhere else in the world. 

Spotify has been proud to support Música Mexicana and its rise into a global powerhouse. As its artists continue to expand its reach across Latin America, Colombia, and beyond, we’ll be there to support them.

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