Myths and Legends

Legend has it that the first story ever told was the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient poem that explores the heroic journey of a man created by gods to take down a mortal king. Stories like this one have been passed down through the ages, becoming some of the most exciting narratives of all time and even making their way into modern popular culture. 

Fascination with mythology starts at a young age, which is why we launched the Spotify Exclusive podcast Myths & Legends for kids and their families to enjoy. The new show tells the tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes from cultures around the world. This family-friendly podcast will take listeners back to ancient Greek, Norse, Hindu, Egyptian, Aztec, and European civilizations in an epic 25-episode crash course. 

How well do you think you know the stories of these ancient figures? Take our quiz to find out.

The story of which Egyptian god and goddess explains the origin of the first mummy?
Who was the leader of all gods, according to Norse mythology?
True or false: Hindu mythology tells the tale of Ganesh, a god whose mother gave him the head of an elephant after his father accidentally cut off his head.
Which culture’s ancient legend tells the tale of a god adding five days to the calendar, solidifying the 365-day year?
Who was King Arthur’s father? (Be careful; this one may trick you!)
According to Aztec mythology, which of the following species were created before humans?
During which era was the myth of Beowulf first told?
In Japanese mythology, where do beings go when they die?