Weekly Quiz 6.11

Think you're up-to-date on the latest in Spotify news, data, and trends? Take our quiz to test just how well you’ve been following along.

1. Actor and activist Adrian Grenier cofounded the nonprofit Lonely Whale to build community, connect with the ocean, and fight plastic waste. At what unique frequency does the real lonely whale, the organization’s namesake, sing?
2. Does Spotify’s personalized Football Now playlist, available for listeners in the U.K. and Germany, update weekly or daily?
3. FeelinMyself is the second-biggest, second-fastest-growing hip-hop playlist on Spotify. Which of these rule-breaking hip-hop artists can you find there?
4. What does EQUAL artist of the month Jorja Smith say is a defining moment of her career?
5. K-pop girl group TWICE fans can get excited for TWICE Presents Taste of Love, the Enhanced Album, a colorful playground of captivating video and audio accompanying each of the group’s six new songs. Fans of TWICE are known as what?