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5 Inspirational Podcasts That Will Give You The Feels On World Kindness Day

Be nice. Be kind. Do good things for others. That’s the idea behind World Kindness Day on November 13. In honor of the day dedicated to lending a hand just ’cause, we put together a list of podcasts to get you in the mood to give back.

If you dig science and keep a daily gratitude journal, you’ll love: The Science of Happiness”

Produced by Public Radio International and the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, this podcast shares research-tested strategies for a happier, kinder, and more meaningful life. The show explores the science of kindness, compassion, gratitude, and altruism through relatable real-life examples. Hosted by renowned UC Berkeley psychology professor Dacher Keltner, the episodes zero in on the benefits of practicing kindness and gratitude, including: “3 Good Things,” “How Gratitude Benefits Your Brain,” and “Is There Someone You Need to Thank?”

If volunteering for charities fills your bucket, you’ll love: Connect Kindness Podcast”

The mission of this action-oriented kindness podcast is to connect people with charities that make the world a better place, including groups addressing childhood abuse, food insecurity, human trafficking, helping underprivileged individuals gain access to higher education and career opportunities, and beyond. The show, co-hosted by friends Krystal Aziz and Tim Evans, features interviews with founders and directors of nonprofit organizations, and exposes listeners to causes they can give back to through acts of kindness and volunteering.

If you like your inspiration with a side of funny, you’ll love: Your Daily Dose of Awesome”

Host Cyndi Liming, a mom and fifth-grade teacher, unpacks how kindness, humor, and optimism change lives for the better. Threaded with an underlying message of hope, Cyndi’s uplifting podcast episodes are packed with practical tips for overcoming negativity and, as she says, “spreading more awesomeness in a playful way,” one soul-satisfying act of kindness at a time.

If you’re a fan of TED Talks and on a quest to give back, you’ll love: TED Radio Hour”

NPR host Guy Raz presents “TED Radio Hour,” a popular show that uncovers the emotions, insights, and discoveries that make us human—including how being kind to each other contributes to the greater good. Some of the episodes of the acclaimed podcast that highlight moving and heroic acts of kindness include “Inspire to Action,” “The Act of Listening,” “Crisis and Response,” and “Wired For Altruism.” PS: If you enjoy Raz in “TED Radio Hour” and “How I Built This,” you’ll love the acclaimed journalist’s new exclusive Spotify Originals series, “The Rewind With Guy Raz.”

If you relish a revealing interview and believe in the power of positivity, you’ll love: The Kindness Project”

This fun father-daughter podcast imparts inspiring personal stories of kindness and the ways simply being nice to others makes positive changes in our world. The hosts, through giggle-filled conversations, heartfelt storytelling, and insightful guest interviews, cover how to be kind to others through everyday acts of kindness, charity fundraising, and more.

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