Astrologer Chani Nicholas Shares How Music Matches Your Horoscope

“What’s your sign?” Whether you love or hate the question, the cultural obsession has made its mark. But astrology is no longer simply synonymous with bold predictions about love, fame, and fortune. Instead, it’s attracting more and more people who use horoscope readings as a way to reflect and find direction in their lives. Music can provide that same effect, and that’s why we’re working with astrologer Chani Nicholas to create our new Cosmic Playlists.

Starting today, users in the US can tune in to the sign-specific playlists on our Pop Culture hub. Each playlist is informed by Chani’s astrological readings—which determine the particular sign’s theme of the moment—and is accompanied on platform by the reading itself. Each of the twelve unique playlists is curated with songs and artists whose music reflects and evokes those themes.

Take a listen to your sign’s curated collection of music to find the hit that just gets you right now. Whether you’re a Cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius, or Gemini, check in every month for a new set of songs that match your astrological makeup, or take a listen to all twelve playlists.

For the Record sat down with Chani to get her take on the magic behind monthly horoscopes and the motivational power of music.

What are the main misconceptions about astrology and horoscopes?

Horoscopes are a very tiny portion of what astrology is. Most people conflate the sign that the sun was in when they were born—their sun sign—with their entire astrological makeup. But that sign is only one small piece of the huge mosaic that is your entire chart.

How do you think music can add another layer to what a horoscope says about a person?

When a song resonates with you, it might feel really personal, like it’s speaking about your own experience. But it’s also speaking to a huge, broad audience. When there’s something collectively going on where a song resonates for a lot of people, it’s the same way that a horoscope will speak to the archetypal themes of the moment.

How are you working with Spotify to create Cosmic Playlists that align with horoscopes?

Astrology is about a specific moment in time. Each moment has a specific astrological mark, or archetype associated with it, that defines it. Spotify and I have come together to take the theme of the moment for each sign and curate a playlist that reflects that.

Can you give an example? In the context of, say … Leos?

Well, the first one we’re doing is for the upcoming lunar eclipse, which speaks to a dramatic theme that has been unfolding over the past 2 years. Since this eclipse is the last in a series that will occur in Leo it’s very significant for all of us, but especially so for Leos. It is, in a sense, a celebration of all of the self-expression and personal growth that Leos have undergone for the last couple of years. The playlist is meant to reflect, articulate, and celebrate that.

What should people use their Cosmic Playlists for?

You can use it for inspiration. You can use it for healing. You can use it for reflection. You can use it for your own personal morning dance party. It’s a collection of theme songs for your month, astrologically speaking.

Is there any music that you found to be particularly healing personally?

A million songs, depending on the moment. Music’s been a huge, essential part of my journey as a human being, and as an artist and writer and astrologer. Recently for writing, I’ve been listening to the Spotify Chill Tracks playlist. I always have Frank Ocean on rotation and right now I’m streaming  “Juice” by Lizzo for extra inspiration and a jumpstart on my day.

Inspired? Find your own Cosmic Playlist here. And if you’re looking for something less starstruck to relax to, check out Chani’s favorite, Chill Tracks.