Spotify Rock Stars Answer Your Questions

Next time you need help listening to your favorite music offline or setting up your Family Premium account, you needn’t click (or tap) around randomly. Instead, head over to our Support site, full of FAQs and Spotify staff-written explanations to a variety of app-related questions. Or, better yet, ask a Rock Star for help.

No, not Bono. Spotify Rock Stars are power users who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. You can connect with them on our Community page and through the Twitter handle @AskRockStars. Not only are Rock Stars likely to serve up a quick solution, they might also share an additional trick or two.

In 2011, we noticed one Spotify user answering hundreds of questions in multiple languages in our first forum,” says Rorey Jones, Senior Customer Service Hardware Manager. Then, in 2013, a team brainstorm led to the official branding and launching of the Rock Star Program, he explained.

Today, there are 132 Rock Stars from more than twenty different countries, including Australia, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, and the U.S. The Rock Stars help people use Spotify every day. Along with coming to your rescue, they also help us pinpoint potential issues, synthesize and relay your feedback, and even beta test new features.

“They’re great resources for us on how our product performs and what issues we have,” explains Mark Cohen, VP of Customer Support. “They help us hit the high notes.”

Rock Stars can even score points for their work. The more they help Spotify users, the more rewards—and the higher ranks—they can unlock. This gamification not only helps Rock Stars understand what they’re working toward, but “with the ranks, users can easily spot an experienced Star versus a new one,” explains Meredith Humphrey, Global Community Manager.

Our Rock Stars also go on a tour of sorts. Each year, we bring several of them together in one city for a “Rock Star Jam” where they meet each other, participate in Q&A sessions, test the platform’s newest features, and provide ideas for future product enhancements. We’d like to extend our thanks to all the Rock Stars for their passionate collaboration and ongoing support.

Think you’d like to be a Rock Star? Click here to apply and start sharing your Spotify skills.