Spotify Studios Announces ‘Noisemakers’ in Partnership with TIME’S UP

Safe, fair, and dignified work for all women doesn’t sound like a lot to ask for. And yet, for many women of various backgrounds and identities, this is not the case. Today, Spotify is announcing Noisemakers, a new podcast intended to spark timely conversations about these important issues. The six-part podcast series from Spotify Studios was developed in partnership with TIME’S UP. The first episode will be released March 29.

The series, hosted by comedian/writers Chelsea Devantez and Ashley Nicole Black, will bring together women across social, cultural, and economic divides to examine the impact of harassment, gender inequality, and pay inequity in the workplace for women.

Each episode will feature a female celebrity conducting an interview with another woman about an experience that demands examination given the cultural reckoning with inequality that TIME’S UP has helped drive. Together, they will discuss how they are individually dealing with these issues, and how their voices can help others fight similar battles. The hosts will utilize their trademark wit to create an inviting backdrop for interviews conducted by celebrity activists including Jessica Chastain, Padma Lakshmi, Janet Mock, and Karla Souza.

“TIME’S UP has been one of the most important, powerful conversations of the last year,” said Courtney Holt, Head of Spotify Studios. “We are thrilled to be partnering together for Noisemakers to further support the mission and provide a platform for women from all walks of life to voice their thoughts on this critical issue.”

“TIME’S UP is all about making change by raising our voices and inspiring action,” said Rachel Terrace, Chief Marketing Officer of TIME’S UP. “With this podcast, Spotify is shining a bright spotlight on major issues that impact women across industries and geographies and helping us to be even louder in our calls for change. We’re grateful for their partnership.”

Each thirty-minute episode will be available for all users on Spotify. Listen to the first episode below.