FX’s POSE Cast Shares Their Pride Month Anthems and Spotify Playlists

Pride Month is all about celebrating love, freedom, and expression—but it’s also about taking a stand for what you believe in. That’s why this year, Spotify’s Pride Month theme is “Taking the Stage” in recognition of the countless individuals who stand up for LGBTQ rights and representation everywhere. We joined forces with the cast of FX’s hit series Pose, now in its second season, to showcase the cast members, their voices, and the way they advocate for their community on and off set.

Head over to the Pride Hub under Browse, and you’ll find an official Pose playlist that updates each week with music from the most recent episode. In addition, Pose stars Dominque Jackson, Indya Moore, Billy Porter, and Mj Rodriguez curated their own respective “The Category Is” playlists. Each one revolves around a specific theme relevant to the cast member who curated it.

We also had an opportunity to ask Mj, Dominique, Indya, and Billy about their Pride Month anthems for this year—and what they think their characters’ Pride Anthem would be.

Mj Rodriguez AKA “Blanca Evangelista” – The Category Is: Power

POSE — Pictured: Mj Rodriguez as Blanca. CR: Pari Dukovic/FX

I think it’s been my anthem every single Pride—‘I’m Coming Out’—by the one and only Diana Ross, because it speaks for so many individuals. It’s not just speaking to the LGBT community. Yes, it was geared towards us and we made it our own (and she also kinda wrote it for us), but now it’s broadened. We’re speaking for everyone—everyone outside the LGBT community, allies, and people inside of it as well.”

“I think Blanca’s Pride Month anthem would be ‘The Boss’ by Diana Ross. Not only is Blanca just pure love, but I think love shows her every single time who is the boss. And I think she takes heed to that.”

Dominique Jackson AKA “Elektra Abundance” – The Category Is: Beauty

POSE — Pictured: Dominique Jackson as Elektra. CR: Pari Dukovic/FX

“My Pride Month Anthem this year is Alicia Keys, ‘Girl on Fire.’ Truth.”

“My character Elektra’s Pride Month anthem would probably be ‘It’s all about me.’ Is there a song like that?”

Indya Moore AKA “Angel Evangelista” – The Category Is: New Day

POSE — Pictured: Indya Moore as Angel. CR: Pari Dukovic/FX

“My Pride Month anthem for this year is ‘Free’ by Ultra Nate. The song inspires me to own my freedom and autonomy while encouraging me to be generous and show up for other people, especially while queer and gender variant people are being systematically targeted.”

“Angel’s Pride Month anthem would be something upbeat. Angel is in pursuit of something new and she can’t wait to arrive there and find it. Whether that be a new beginning of love or the start of her career… Angel can’t wait!”

Billy Porter AKA “Pray Tell” – The Category Is: Love

POSE — Pictured: Billy Porter as Pray Tell. CR: Pari Dukovic/FX

“‘Love Yourself!’ My song. I’m coming back into the music business with this one, into the R&B/Soul side of the business with this one, and I’m taking my power back. And that’s my anthem.

“If Pray Tell had a Pride Month anthem… ‘Mighty Real.’ Sylvester. He loves Sylvester.”

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