Gimlet and The Wall Street Journal Launch New Podcast, ‘The Journal.’

The Wall Street Journal and Gimlet, a Spotify company, have teamed up to launch The Journal., a new daily podcast about money, business and power. The Journal., which is hosted by veteran Wall Street Journal reporters Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson, will release a new episode each day at 4 PM ET starting Tuesday, September 3. 

Together, the hosts make relevant and timely stories understandable and relatable—from what an interest rate cut at the Federal Reserve means for you to why FedEx decided to stop delivering your Amazon orders. And because The Wall Street Journal is known for its world class business journalism, the podcast will be a medium for exclusive reporting and insights from WSJ journalists.  

The Journal. is one of several new Spotify podcasts dedicated to news and analysis, including market-specific shows like El Primer Café in Colombia and Café da Manhã in Brazil. 

Stream the latest episode of The Journal. here.