The Ringer Launches New Spotify Original Podcast, ‘The Hottest Take’

Is Home Alone a Christmas movie? Did the Giants just make the worst draft pick in NFL history? Was the eighth season of Games of Thrones actually the best? These topics, and more, are up for debate on Bill Simmons’ latest podcast, The Hottest Take, streaming exclusively on Spotify.

You might recognize Simmons as host of the popular podcast The Bill Simmons Podcast, or from The Ringer—a network of over 30 podcasts spanning all things sports and pop culture. In his latest project, The Hottest Take, Simmons and his rotating cast of co-hosts lay out controversial topics from the worlds of sports, movies, TV, food, music, and the internet—in bite-sized, 15-minute-or-less conversations.

Joining him behind the mic will be Binge Mode co-hosts Jason Concepcion and Mallory Rubin, House of Carbs host Joe House, The Watch podcast co-host Chris Ryan, The Big Picture host Sean Fennessey, and Bachelor Party host Juliet Litman, along with other favorites from The Ringer network.

Check out the trailer for The Hottest Take, here, and make sure to follow so you don’t miss an episode when it launches Monday, September 16 on Spotify.