‘Last Podcast on the Left’—Now Exclusively, and Scarily, on Spotify

What happens when you take all things horror, throw in a bit of lighthearted comedy, and turn it into a podcast? You get Last Podcast on the Left. The popular series has taken listeners to some of the scariest places on earth—and now, it will be available for free exclusively on Spotify.

The Last Podcast on the Left explores the dark side of humanity, both real and imaginary. Hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski investigate chilling topics fro Jeffrey Dahmer and Jonestown to iconic hauntings and the history of war crimes.

“We’re excited that Last Podcast On the Left will be available to hundreds of millions of free and premium users on Spotify, where music and podcasts beautifully coexist,” said Henry. “Working with Spotify will take this show that has been our baby for ten years to the next level, providing easy accessibility for people listening all over the world. If you can’t see us live, or come to our homes to hear us yell, you can always listen on Spotify for free!”

To celebrate the show’s 400th episode, and to kick off the exclusive partnership, listeners can tune in to an all-new five-part series about the JFK assassination, available now for free, only on Spotify.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the series below … if you dare.


Stream Last Podcast on the Left—now exclusively on Spotify.