Revamp Your Fitness Routine With Soundtrack Your Workout

When you’re struggling through a grueling run, sometimes you just need the right beat to push you over the finish line. Or as you lie on a yoga mat, maybe you’re looking for the right note to relax you into that cobra pose. There’s no denying that music plays an integral role in fitness, and now that more people are working out at home, the person in charge of what’s playing as you sweat is most often . . . you.

Ready to give that workout playlist a revamp? Spotify’s new Soundtrack Your Workout quiz is here to help with that. Head to the interactive website, available in English (globally), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), and Japanese (Japan), for a series of questions about your upcoming workout. How long will it be? What’s the intensity level? What’s your workout mood? Your quiz answers will help generate the perfect playlist for your fitness session. Plus, if you’re looking to mix in motivational, news, or true crime podcasts while you sweat, you can incorporate those, too!

In the last two months, Spotify listeners have created more than 1 million playlists with “workout” in the title, so it’s clear users are on the hunt for new tunes to add to their fitness mixes. If you’re running out of song inspiration as you, well, run, then give Soundtrack Your Workout a try.

Corey Calliet, a fitness trainer who has worked with celebs like Michael B. Jordan, knows just how essential music is to a great sweat session. “Music keeps me moving,” he says, “and it keeps my tempo high, where I need it to be—making Spotify a critical piece to my workouts.” Corey took the Soundtrack Your Workout quiz to find some new music motivation for his next trip to the gym. “I never thought I’d be able to get a customized playlist that fits my workout and my vibe in less time than it takes to grab my water and get out the door.”

Find out more about how Corey stays motivated push-up after push-up, and listen to his Soundtrack Your Workout playlist below.

How do you motivate yourself to work out when you’re not feeling up to it?

Quite honestly, I know I have to hold myself accountable—especially when I have the responsibility to help people feel motivated and inspired. There are days where I don’t feel like it, but I have to remember, ‘What’s the goal at hand?’ I don’t want to let someone down who looks up to me. I want them to think, ‘You know what? If Corey’s doing it, why can’t I?’

What’s your favorite genre of music or podcast to listen to while exercising?

It’s funny. Usually I’m listening to Migos, Young Jeezy, or Future, but I recently started to listen to epic movie soundtracks. It happened on a run one day. I was getting really tired. Then I played a score from a movie, and it slowly started to shift my mindset to being strong—being a Viking, being a gladiator. I really like the soundtrack to movies like The Avengers and Transformers. That music does a lot for your mind. And when the body wants to give up, the mind helps the body get through it.

How does music impact your workouts?

When making a playlist, I want to make sure that the exercise is going with the beat of the song. I will create something so that when you move to a squat, there’s a down beat on it. When you’re doing a jump squat, there’s an upbeat. I want to make sure that the music is vibing with the actual exercise. The timing is everything.

Are there certain genres you stick to?

When I’m trying to have fun, of course, I love my hip-hop. But if I’m trying to cool down, I shift to R&B music. I also started listening to podcasts while I’m just relaxing or chilling. And I like to listen to motivational words, like Les Brown. 

How have your workouts—and how you instruct others—changed in the last few months?

I started doing more Instagram Live workouts and online training programs that people can do at home. I’m working on another kettlebell program now. I think people are starting to realize they can get crazy results at home. They don’t have to be at a gym. 

But my work has actually become busier. I’m helping people to get through this time without feeling like they’re losing themselves or being set back.

If you could only listen to one song or podcast for an entire workout, which one would you pick? 

I love listening to “Lead the Wave” by Takeoff. I like its message about leading the way— everybody follow me.

Check out Corey’s personalized Soundtrack Your Workout playlist below. Ready for your own? Give it a try here.