Six New Swedish Podcasts Coming to Spotify This Fall

Over the past year, podcasts have been exploding on Spotify, with creators all over the world releasing shows for fans in their own countries and beyond. Swedish podcasters are no exception—which is why we’re excited to announce six new Swedish Original podcasts that Spotify listeners can look forward to this fall.

The fall podcast lineup is packed with a range of genres from infotainment and documentary to true crime and talk show. Between exciting scripted stories and local celebrity talent, there’s something for everyone. Fans can look forward to podcasts like they’ve never heard them before as Spotify continues to explore the boundaries of what a podcast is and can be.

“With these new shows, we’re exploring brand-new ways of telling interesting stories. We’re incredibly proud to be working with some of Sweden’s brightest minds and strongest personalities,” says Karin Bäckmark, Nordic Podcast Lead. “All six shows will move and affect their listeners in their unique way. That’s the fantastic thing about a good podcast—it creates these intimate bonds between the podcaster and its audience.”

Karin also notes that Spotify is able to connect storytellers with their guests and audiences in a whole new way. “I’m so excited that we can enable a YouTube superstar like Filip Dikmen for his podcast debut and have him meet some of Sweden’s best new artists in his talk show,” she says. “And the fact that we’ve created a scripted audio version of a written biography—with former Swedish soccer star Martin Mutumba! All these shows are proof of how the medium is exploding right now. I’m thrilled that we can share them with our listeners starting today.”

Take a look—and a listen—to the six podcast previews or first episodes to determine which show you’ll cozy up with this fall.

Bakom micken med Filip Dikmen, available now

Comedian and social media star Filip Dikmen hosts the new talk show-style podcast, Bakom micken med Filip Dikmen (Behind the Mic with Filip Dikmen). Each episode, he invites Swedish artists to join him to discuss how their creativity is connected to events happening in the world right now. The show is designed to be a platform for guests to openly talk about their work with someone who understands their background and struggles as an artist. 

Äkta Hela Vägen, available now

Martin Mutumba was once one of Sweden’s best football (soccer) players—even winning the Swedish professional league in 2009. Follow him from his glory days to his personal troubles in the new scripted series Äkta Hela Vägen. Narrated by Martin himself and written by one of Sweden’s most adored football journalists, Erik Niva, this new series is sure to score a goal for both sports and biography fans alike. 

Diktatorer, premiering September 9

Diktatorer is a Swedish adaptation of Parcast’s popular series Dictators. Hosted by television personality Parisa Amiri, the podcast explores the minds and motives of some of the world’s most infamous leaders. Like the original show, episodes delve into the life of the dictator, from their rise to power to their eventual downfall.  

Minnet, premiering this September

Time to get your thinking caps on! X Factor contestant Yänjaa Wintersoul hosts Minnet, a new podcast all about the human brain and memory. Each episode, she invites Swedish celebrities to explore our minds’ connection to different topics, including music, ADHD, history, and food. 

Spotify Dok: Kidnappad, premiering September 17

Kidnappad is the real-life tale of a famous author  who was kidnapped by his stalker. It’s also the first show featured in Spotify Dok, the new home for our original documentary series. Here you’ll find some of the most interesting never-before-told stories from across the country. 

Wennstams Vrede, premiering October 14

Award-winning journalist Katarina Wennstam has spent much of her career spotlighting violence against women. In her podcast debut, she meets with victims and talks to politicians, police officers, and other experts to address violent crimes that she believes must be brought to light. 

Found a show (or two) you’re excited about? Make sure to “follow” it to find new episodes in Your Library every time they’re released, and stream the first episode of Bakom michen med Filip Dikmen now.