Spotify’s Refreshed Time Capsule Playlist Gives Listeners a Dose of Nostalgia

Your music taste may have shifted in the last few decades, but that doesn’t stop the smile on your face when you hear an old favorite tune. Music is a powerful tool for nostalgia—all it takes is a few recognizable notes, and you’ll be transported to where you were and how you were feeling when you first heard a song. Now, we’re ready to give you more of that delightful blast from the past with our refreshed Time Capsule playlist. 

This collection of songs is as personalized as your memories, and no two listeners have the same mix. It’s curated especially for you based on the country you live in, genres you enjoy, and how old you are. And although the tracks may be from the past, the playlist will never get old—the list of 50 songs frequently refreshes with a new mix to enjoy. Trying to recall what songs were trending on the charts when you were growing up in the 1980s? Time Capsule has you covered.

Earlier this year we shared how there’s been an uptick in the number of Spotify listeners who were seeking out music from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. As behavior science writer David DiSalvo shared at the time, “Music, like smell, is one of those things with immediate access to that direct, nostalgic memory. It takes you back to that place.” So take a walk down memory lane with your personalized Time Capsule playlist, found on the “Made For You” shelf on your mobile app, or in the Decades Hub.