Spotify Empowers Employees To Make Every Day ‘World Mental Health Day’

The year 2020 has proven to be a unique one across the board, and especially so when it comes to managing one’s mental health. Discussing this topic is not new to Spotify: In 2018, we started “Heart & Soul,” a program committed to reducing the stigma around mental health within our company. Now, in the wake of the added global stressors this year, we’ve continued to enhance our initiatives to better support our employees’ mental and physical wellness.

At the core of our mental health initiatives is the belief that it is important to make consistent time for self and professional care, much like we do with exercising, nutrition, and other areas of our wellbeing. And while World Mental Health Day is a great reminder to continue to do this work, we are working to ensure we are also doing so year-round. 

Read more about the programs Spotify has implemented to assist employees with their mental health, today and every day.