Podcast Lovers Around the World Can Now Play NPR Shows on Spotify

For almost 50 years, NPR has served as a daily source of wisdom and entertainment for its American listeners. Every day, millions connect with NPR and NPR Member stations across the country for everything from pop culture podcasts to the nightly news. In 2018 we announced that U.S. fans of NPR would also be able to stream select NPR shows on Spotify, making NPR’s offerings available in one convenient place. And starting today, some NPR shows will even be heard ‘round the world, as Spotify makes NPR podcasts available in most countries around the world.

This distribution deal between Spotify and NPR will allow us to distribute NPR’s content globally on Spotify, bringing NPR’s beloved podcasts to a global audience of 320 million Spotify users. Now, listeners outside of the U.S. can also stream:

To celebrate this partnership, we’re sharing the top 5 most popular NPR podcasts on Spotify to date. 

1. NPR News Now

2. TED Radio Hour

3. Up First

4. Short Wave

5. Planet Money

Not sure where to start? Check out this “Best Podcasts of NPR” playlist from NPR.