10 Tinder Anthems, Love Songs, and Relationship Podcasts to Turn the Volume Up This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to dating and relationships, audio is powerful. The right music at the right moment can truly set the mood, and a shared interest in a podcast can start a deep conversation. Connecting over a mutual affinity for a band, song, or podcast—or introducing your new sweetheart to something you think they’ll love—can unite people in a deep, personal way. So just in time for Valentine’s Day, Spotify and Tinder rounded up some of the top tracks and podcasts that speak most to finding a match. Read on to fall in love . . . with a new song or relationship podcast, at least.

It’s a music match

Tinder found that adding an “anthem” to your dating profile improves your swiping experience, leading to more matches. Since music is the number one “Passion” that members include on their profiles globally, adding an anthem may just be the best way to spark a conversation in time for a virtual Valentine’s Day date. Check out the top 10 anthems found on Tinder member profiles and decide if you’d swipe right on these songs:

And the music doesn’t stop there. Sometimes a good playlist is all you need to get ready for a virtual Tinder date, play in the background of a Galentine’s Day videochat catch-up, or set the mood for a candlelit dinner at home. For inspiration, check out some of the top songs added to user-generated Valentine’s Day Spotify playlists globally in the last 90 days:

Passion-filled podcasts

But audio as a whole—not just music—can also speak to the feelings of the heart. As people overwhelmingly want dating and relationship advice, Spotify saw an increase of 64% of U.S. listeners streaming love-themed podcasts compared to this time last year. If you’ve been on a series of bad dates or dealt with an awful break-up, tune in to hear stories detailing what others have gone through in their journeys to find love. These popular love-themed podcasts on Spotify cover it all:

Looking for even more audio inspiration in time for February 14? Be sure to check out Tinder’s Valentine’s Day Spotify playlist and Spotify’s revamped Romance hub.