Comedians Henry Zebrowski and Holden McNeely Break Down ‘Dune’ in Spotify Exclusive Podcast

Since its original 1965 publication, Dune, the six-part book series by Frank Herbert, has gained a worldwide following and earned its way into the literary hall of fame. The sci-fi sensation—a futuristic tale about a man who must navigate power and politics on the desert-like planet of Arrakis—is even being made into a blockbuster film adaptation slated for October starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya. But fans don’t need to wait too long for new Dune content: Spotify’s new exclusive podcast Dune, hosted by Henry Zebrowski and Holden McNeely, brings a comedic take to the story that both longtime fans and science fiction newbies will enjoy.

That’s right: Last Podcast on the Left host Henry Zebrowski and Wizard and the Bruiser host Holden McNeely are coming together to take fans on an interstellar journey through Dune. Listeners can expect this show to carry the same edgy comedic spin the duo are known for. “Dune is made by the same powerful nerds who made Last Podcast on The Left and Wizard and the Bruiser,” Henry says. “The lessons hidden inside the books have changed my life in ways that have made me more difficult to love, but easier for me to rule the galaxy!”

Holden shares that he first picked up the acclaimed series thanks to Henry’s recommendation. “I soon got lost in an incredibly well-developed world and hero’s journey that said more about the universe and our place in it than pretty much anything else I’ve ever read,” explains the comedian.

The podcast includes 12 episodes that will bring an hour of laughs for both longtime sci-fi lovers and Dune newcomers. “Listen to the podcast if you love Dune and, more importantly, if you’ve never been able to love it but wish you could,” says Holden. 

Check out the first episode below.