Run to Spotify’s Workout Hub for All-New Celebrity-Inspired Playlists

Ever finished a workout class, then DMed the instructor to ask for the pitch-perfect mix they played during your ride? Or maybe you’ve found yourself struggling to create the perfect playlist to help you get motivated for a run and wished you had someone (or a studio) to do it for you. 

Look no further. Whether you’re a gym aficionado or pilates pro, or are settling in for savasana, Spotify’s Workout Hub is now home to playlists from some of the top fitness instructors and brands, so your every workout can have the ultimate soundtrack.

Head to Spotify’s Workout Hub to hear these all-new playlists: 

What’s more, you can even work out to the same tunes as your favorite celebrities. Check out playlists from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and First Lady Michelle Obama

The ever-growing fitness industry has continued to shift to digital and virtual on-demand experiences, so we did the same, revamping our fitness music editorial offerings to help consumers work up a sweat with the ultimate soundtrack. Earlier this year, we reintroduced our Workout Hub, creating a more organized and user-friendly version of our existing content. 

Now, with our even more updated hub, Spotify can be the one-stop destination for fitness fanatics everywhere. So, lace up your sneakers or grab a yoga mat, then crank up the music: It’s time for your next workout.