Quiz: This Week on ‘For the Record’

Think you're up-to-date on the latest in Spotify news, data, and trends? Take our quiz to test just how well you’ve been following along.

1. Billie Eilish released her second album, Happier Than Ever, today. What did Spotify do to celebrate the happy occasion?
2. Spotify’s What’s New feed alerts you to the latest...
3. EQUAL artist Lido Pimienta told us about where she gets inspiration, her vision for the future of music, and more. What is one part of her creative process?
4. Which of the following songwriters helped to pen “Firework” as performed by Katy Perry?
5. This week, Spotify released our Q2 2021 earnings report. What were some of the highlights discussed on the Spotify: For the Record podcast?
6. Spotify’s Open Access offering means that in the future, listeners will be able to connect their existing subscriptions—from publications with paywalled content or licensed audiobook providers—to Spotify to unlock all the content in one place.
7. RADAR artist Nathy Peluso, who has made a name for herself blending genres and pushing the limits of her music, released her latest single on July 7. What’s the title of her newest song?
8. German social media stars Julien Bam and Rezo are about to launch their new podcast, Hobbylos. When did the two start making videos together?