Billie Eilish

Celebrate Billie Eilish’s New Album Launch With Spotify’s First-Ever Artist Hub and Enhanced Experiences

We have a feeling Billie Eilish fans are about to be very happy. Billie’s highly anticipated—and aptly named—second studio album, Happier Than Ever, debuts today. In honor of the release, Spotify has created our first-ever artist hub and three new enhanced album experiences.

In the last six years, Billie’s listenership has grown exponentially. She rose to become the 12th-most-streamed artist in the world, with fans playing her songs a whopping 15.5 billion+ times. This new hub is the latest milestone in Spotify’s ongoing support of the artist’s meteoric rise. It builds on past memorable moments, including sweeping platform takeovers and our 2019 celebration of the growing artist’s first album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, where we worked with Billie to map out a unique interactive immersive experience. 

Now, we’re upping the ante with Happier Than Ever: The Destination, on-platform releases, a global marketing campaign, and an exclusive Billie Eilish experience in Los Angeles. 

Happier Than Ever: The Destination

Billie’s new hub, Happier Than Ever: The Destination, gives fans a wide range of exclusive content custom-created by the artist herself. It features four shelves chock full of Billie’s catalogue, her personally curated playlist of favorite tracks, surprise Easter eggs, and much more. The custom destination will also be featured on Browse and can only be accessed on Spotify.

The Enhanced Album Experiences

The Destination also contains three new enhanced album experiences: “Fan Mode,” “Billie Mode,” and “Lyric Mode.” Each features new and exclusive custom Billie Eilish content that will bring Billie fans further into her world, including Canvas, Storylines, and Playlist Clips. Here’s what listeners can expect from each album:

  • Fan Mode features exclusive interview content with the star and a soundscape of audio from fans. From pressing questions to Easter eggs, this experience celebrates listeners who know the artist best.
  • Billie Mode is a visual feast. This is an artist who is constantly evolving, and here visitors get to see different versions of Billie in poses that reflect her creative journey and self-discovery. Billie even addresses the camera directly to share her story.
  • Lyric Mode explores the meaning and creation of the star’s favorite lyrics. The words themselves are styled to the album’s Old Hollywood glamour, while exclusive audioliners bring the meaning behind her songs to life.

The IRL Celebration

In addition to the on-platform experiences, fans in LA will be able to attend an in-person event that captures the spirit of Billie’s highly anticipated album. The immersive Happier Than Ever destination brings the bespoke enhanced album experiences to life inside a glamorous 1950s-inspired Los Angeles estate, with Billie herself in attendance.

Ready to go Easter egg hunting? Explore Happier Than Ever: The Destination now.