Spotify’s DJ Mixes Provides a Place for Artists To Create Their Music and Grow Their Fan Base

Dance and electronic music fans have long enjoyed custom mixes from their favorite DJs as a signature listening experience exclusive to the genre. Today, DJs in eight markets around the world are sharing their own mixed-music content, in addition to high-quality compilations directly on Spotify through its new DJ Mixes, which the company is beginning to test out. 

Available for all users in the U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand, this latest innovation opens up a completely new format for artists to get their music mixes in the hands of their fans and further expand their global audience. 

DJ Mixes provides one integrated place where artists can seamlessly create and connect with their audiences. 

In celebration of today’s launch, DJs AmyElle, Adam Beyer, Shingo Nakamara, MOTi, and Noisia have each released their own individual mixes on our platform.

In addition to the playlists, you can also check out various existing albums and DJ mixes in the Dance/Electronic microhubDJ Mixes is just beginning to roll out, so fans should expect the experience to continue to evolve over time. Users on iOS and Android who have the Spotify app downloaded can listen for themselves