‘Spotify: Mic Check’ Welcomes Fresh Finds Artist Julia Wolf To Share Her Story

If you love hearing artists and creators tell their stories in their own words, you’re in luck. One of our new podcasts, Spotify: Mic Check, connects creators with fans by doing exactly that. In each episode, artists and podcasters share exclusive recordings and personal stories in their own words.

In the inaugural Spotify: Mic Check, you’ll hear from Julia Wolf—a rising star from Queens, New York, whose refreshing indie-pop sound is influenced by her classical training and love of hip-hop. She’s a recent graduate of Spotify’s Fresh Finds program, which provides up-and-coming artists with the tools to build a long-term career. 

In the episode, Julia speaks about how she overcame her severe shyness to become an artist. 

“I only started writing because my music teacher at the time said, ‘If you want to participate in the final showcase, it has to be an original song,’” shared Julia. “And I was mortified, like so embarrassed. For me, I just thought no one wanted to hear what I had to think. I went home and wrote it anyway because I wanted to participate. And that’s when I really fell in love with the music and being able to let people know what’s going on in my head without having to talk to them.”

This past weekend, Julia sold out her first hometown show—something she had strived for despite the naysayers. And over the years, she’s learned a lot about her music and herself. 

Listen to everything Julia has to say on Spotify: Mic Check.