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Spotify and Accenture Collaborate To Offer Spotify Premium As an Employee Perk

Music and podcasts aren’t just for entertainment—they’re great for focusing, unwinding, and learning, too. With our new offering, “Spotify for Work,” a partner proposition that allows companies to offer Spotify Premium as an employee perk, employers of all types have the opportunity to offer their employees the power of audio to listen to while concentrating at work, working out, cooking dinner, and everything in between.  

“We know employers are always looking to offer competitive benefits to attract and retain top talent and provide additional value and experiences to reward their employees. That’s where ‘Spotify for Work’ comes in—it’s a modern benefit that has potential to build a stronger sense of community at every company,” says Marc Hazan, Vice President of Freemium Partnerships and Business Development.

To kick things off, global professional services firm Accenture is rolling out the new offering for their employees across Sweden, Latvia, and Lithuania. We asked Jan Jendeby, Managing Director at Accenture, a few questions on why he’s looking forward to bringing Spotify Premium to Accenture employees. 

How did your collaboration with Spotify to offer “Spotify for Work” for Accenture employees come about?

We are always looking for new ways to be an attractive employer. When the “Spotify for Work” proposition came about, we saw it as an interesting and relevant offer with multiple benefits for our people, so we explored whether it would be possible to become one of Spotify’s first collaborators.

We see a big potential in “Spotify for Work” on a global scale. It’s a great way to give employees a desired service so they can enjoy all the audio content available on the platform.

Where does Spotify Premium fit in alongside your other offerings?

It’s a new and attractive perk that can be used during work, after work, and while commuting. Our employees can use the service for various reasons such as to better focus, learn, or simply unwind. “Spotify for Work” is a good complement to the other offerings available to our employees. We expect it will resonate with many of our employees across various demographics and roles in Sweden and the Baltics.

Explain the value for employers in providing employee perks like this one. 

In today’s quest for talent, all aspects of what we can offer to our employees, and potential candidates, are important. We believe that “Spotify for Work” is a compelling offering that will resonate with our employees and is well worth the modest investment by Accenture. 

What excites you about this collaboration?

It is very exciting to be the first company to pilot this new offering. In this case, we are not only the first client or buyer of this service, but are also supporting the innovation and development of the new offering by sharing ongoing feedback. We see “Spotify for Work” as a great way for Spotify to reach even more users and offer companies an attractive employee perk.

What’s on your heavy audio rotation right now?

Music: Silk Sonic, Billie Eilish, Veronica Maggio, Marvin Gaye, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Podcasts: Accenture AI Leaders Podcast, Framgångspodden.

This first-of-its-kind collaboration with Accenture is just the beginning.