Binge Season 2 of the Chart-Topping Spotify Original Podcast, ‘Case 63’ Beginning September 26

If you can’t stay away from a good mind-bending time travel paradox, look no further than Case 63, the Spotify Original audio series that’s taken the world by storm. After topping the podcast charts in Chile, Brazil, and India—and landing within the top five shows in Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped—the audio thriller is back for a riveting second season. 

Case 63 stars Academy Award winner Julianne Moore (Still Alice, Boogie Nights, Far from Heaven) as Eliza Beatrix Knight and Emmy Award nominee Oscar Isaac (Moon Knight, Scenes from a Marriage, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) as Dr. Vincent Caldwell. Joining Moore and Isaac this season are Zoë Winters (Succession) who voices Marie Baker, a teenage girl whose very existence might be the key to the future, and Emmy and Tony nominee Arian Moayad (Succession, Inventing Anna) as Oliver Collins, a computer hacker with a knack for decryption, and perhaps a higher purpose to the mission.

Season two picks up in 2012—10 years earlier than the setting of the first season. Listeners will quickly find themselves consumed with worry as Eliza Beatrix Knight wakes confused in an airport with untold amounts of information about the future and the impending world-altering virus. She is hospitalized and receives treatment from a psychiatrist with a familiar voice, Dr. Caldwell. But her existence in this new reality poses more threats and questions than answers. With the future of humanity at risk, Beatrix must race to unravel her new present in order to save the future.

Fans should prepare to binge all 10 episodes of the when they land on September 26. 

Case 63 was created by Chilean screenwriter Julio Rojas and is produced by Spotify Studios, Moore’s production company FortySixty, and Isaac’s Mad Gene Media. Both Moore and Isaac serve as executive producers on the podcast. 

Case 63 season one marked the first time a Spotify Original podcast from a non-English-speaking market has been adapted into multiple languages. This highlights Spotify’s reach and underscores our commitment to bringing high-quality audio storytelling to all markets and regions around the world. 

Catch up on season one—on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts—before continuing the story.