Spotify Advertising Kicks Off Spotify Sparks in Brazil to Bring Marketers and Listeners Closer Together

Audiences worldwide are tuned into digital audio at record rates, and Brazil is no different. Our platform already reaches more than half of the Brazilian online population each week. More than one in two Brazilians online use Spotify at least weekly, making Spotify the most-used digital audio platform in the country. When it comes to finding a deeply immersed and engaged audience, advertisers in the market don’t need to look far. 

Plus, Spotify has long been bringing audio advertising into the modern age with tools like Spotify Ad Studio and Spotify Ad Analytics. Our leading tech innovations help us deliver impact for advertisers and drive growth for creators and publishers. Our connection to culture helps brands reach listeners on their most trusted ad platform. 

But since not all brands fully understand the opportunities they have to join Spotify’s ecosystem, we recently launched Spotify Sparks. This summit is designed to educate companies on why they should turn to Spotify to reach the most engaged audiences and leverage our culture-shaping content for meaningful advertising opportunities. Brazil has proven to be perfect ground, so we made São Paulo Spotify Sparks’ first stop.

Diana Ramirez, Head of Advertising Sales for Latin America, has been building the digital advertising ecosystem in Latin America since 2000. She’s recently helped focus our business on Brazil, a market that is growing at the highest incremental rate of any market in Spotify’s history. Under her leadership, the Brazilian ad sales team has doubled this year, and we’ve launched Ad Studio and Spotify Ad Analytics in the market.  

Coming off the inaugural Spotify Sparks event, For the Record caught up with Diana to learn more about Brazil and what advertisers there can look forward to. 

What are some unique qualities of the Brazilian market that make it so important to Spotify advertising?

Audio can go where other formats of digital media cannot. Think about when you listen to a playlist or your favorite podcast: Your headphones are on and the volume is loud, but you’re not necessarily looking at the screen. This is what we call an “off-screen moment,” and it provides a great opportunity to connect with a target audience in a fully immersive way. Our latest Sonic Science research revealed that Spotify listeners have a high, consistent level of engagement while listening to audio ads. That’s good news for advertisers. The more impactful the audio content, the more impactful the subsequent ad will be.

In general, Brazilians are extremely connected and heavy internet users. Around three-quarters of internet users in Brazil are digital audio listeners, and we’re anticipating that this will increase to 80% by 2026. Brazil is also in the top seven countries that spend on ads globally. 

Zooming out, Latin America has 21% of Spotify’s monthly active users globally, and in Brazil, we’re experiencing an acceleration of growth like no other. We surpassed half a billion users this year, with our MAU YoY growth rate doubling from years prior. For these reasons and more, Brazil is a very interesting market and fertile ground for brands who want to be even closer to this high-quality audience.

Can you share some upcoming opportunities? 

I’m excited about a bright, growing future for audio ads in Latin America and Brazil. This will allow us to offer increasingly personalized and effective opportunities for advertising brands. Culture is also being driven in Brazil, with the market seeing some of our biggest flagship playlists globally, including creme and Top Brasil. We’re also putting out original podcasts in the market, including Carona Podpah, França e o Labirinto, and Mano a Mano. And we recently announced the first edition of the Spotify Podcast Festival, an event that will serve as a unique gathering place for podcast lovers, offering brands a special opportunity to connect with creators in live sessions. Brands’ getting behind all of these help creators to reach more audiences and raise their voices across music and podcasts.

How do our efforts in Brazil signify the future of audio advertising in the market? 

As the world’s most popular audio-first platform with a deeply immersed and engaged global audience, Spotify is culturally relevant for different audiences. We can create meaningful opportunities for advertisers to reach their desired audiences. Brazil is a very unique country, and not just because of the language. It has its own audience and a very high consumption rate  across both music and podcasts. The creativity in Brazil translates to advertisers as well, who serve as a source of inspiration for other markets—earlier this year, Brazil and Mexico launched Spotify Advertising Hits to celebrate the most impactful campaigns on Spotify, and we’ll soon expand this to other markets. Then, in June, during the Cannes Festival, we hosted several Brazilian clients and agencies at Spotify Beach to help them in their business challenges. It’s clear that our unique audience is shaping the culture in Brazil and that brands are more engaged as well.  

Look out for Spotify Sparks in Mumbai and New Delhi later this year!