Celebrate Día de Muertos on Spotify by Creating Blends With Mexico’s Immortal Music Legends

With Día de Muertos nearly upon us, Spotify is calling upon the power of music to honor the legacy of, and help fans reconnect with, Mexico’s immortal music legends. 

Starting today, around the world will have the chance to Blend with some the great icons in the country’s musical pantheon who are no longer with us—including Jenni Rivera, José José, Valentín Elizalde, Juan Gabriel, and José Alfredo Jiménez—and discover the musical tastes they may have in common. 

“José Alfredo Jiménez would be very happy to know that year after year his interpretations lead people to love one another, since love was always his motive,” his family said to For the Record. “He sang to love in all its manifestations. That is transcending the world by talking about love.”

How does Making a Blend with your favorite Mexican Legend work?

Blend is our popular feature that lets you combine your musical tastes with those of your friends and favorite creators. Through Blend, Spotify will deliver a shared playlist made just for you with songs you’ll both love. 

But for Día de Muertos, we didn’t stop there. We were also curious about what these Mexican legends would be listening to today if they were still with us. So we’ve utilized an artificial intelligence tool—created by Spotify developers and placed it in the hands of our music experts—that offers a glimpse of the songs and artists these legends might have listened to today. 

Now, you can enjoy a personalized playlist that merges what could be the artist’s current musical tastes with those of the user, offering an unparalleled experience of union and reconnection with the great legends of music in Mexico.

“Día de Muertos Blend is our way of honoring and keeping alive the legacy of artists who have forever marked the country’s music scene in a very authentic way, bringing fans closer to their musical heritage and making them relive memorable moments,” said Uriel Waizel, Editorial Lead of Spotify Mexico. 

To create a Blend with any of the aforementioned legends, simply click on one of the links below and let Spotify do the rest. 

In addition to your own shared playlist, you will also receive a social share card showing how musically compatible the two of you are, and a list of the specific songs that reflect your shared taste the most. 

Blend is more than a playlist. It is an experience that brings people together and allows them to discover new music and learn from one another. This Día de Muertos, Blend with those who may no longer be here but who are still alive through their music. 

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