How Spotify Island Is Leveling Up by Gamifying Sound

Last year, Spotify became the first music streaming brand to have a presence on Roblox with the launch of Spotify Island, an otherworldly digital destination for all things audio. Made up of the main Spotify hub, and surrounded by our awesome collection of themed destinations, this digital universe is an audio oasis where fans can mingle with their favorite artists, embark on interactive quests, and unlock exclusive content. We even have some special music-themed pets for players to collect by completing various challenges around the Island.

Back in June, we announced three new features that were in the works—the Dashboard, the Spotify Soundsphere, and the ability to ride Soundwaves. Since then, the first two have already made their way to Spotify Island and, starting today, the beach is open for all sound surfers.

Here’s all the new fun that awaits on the Island:

  • Take control of the Dashboard: While visiting Spotify Island’s studio, players can take a seat in the producer’s chair to mix their own tracks with a collection of sounds, loops, and one-shots exclusively from Soundtrap, the music-creation tool for beatmakers and songwriters.
  • Create your own sound in Spotify Soundsphere: Featuring whimsical interactive beatmakers, instruments, and equipment, Spotify Soundsphere is all about exploring and having fun. While visiting, players can create their own sounds and share them with friends.
  • Riding the Soundwaves: Starting today, players can grab a board and ride the waves of custom Soundtrap mixes. Depending on the music, the waves change in size, color, and intensity. 

You can access all of these features and many more by logging into Roblox and visiting the main island. We have a lot more fun new features on the way, so stay tuned.

While it’s only been a little over a year since we entered the massive space of Roblox, we’ve made quite a few additions to Spotify Island to make it more like a home for all music-lovers. Themed portals like K-Park, the whimsical wonderland dedicated to the vibrant dreamland of K-Pop, and Planet Hip-Hop, a futuristic universe that covers the world of hip-hop, were introduced to the world, creating an immersive genre experience like no other. Plus, an ongoing roster of collaborations with creators like Doechii and Stray Kids have led us to create unique experiences and games for fans while deepening their connection with artists through avatar meet-and-greets and special virtual merch sales. 

So, with so much happening in our little corner of the Roblox universe, it’s time we put you to the test. How well do you know Spotify Island? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Which exclusive virtual pet is available on Spotify Island?
2. Which creator(s) were the first to appear in K-Park?
3. Where in Planet Hip-Hop can you customize your ride?
4. What K-Pop choreographer visited Spotify Island and let fans join in on a dance session?
5. How could you previously unlock the Annyeong (안녕) emote?
6. Last year on Planet Hip-Hop, what did you have to do for Doechii to allow you into her swamp?
7. What is the best Korean treat to have at the K-Pop Cafe?
8. How could you get the Floating Boombox when it was on Planet Hip-Hop?