Zior Park RADAR Korea Cover

Zior Park Brings Us Into His Universe as the Next RADAR Korea Artist

Known just as much for his visually stunning and artistic music videos as he is for his music, Zior Park is unquestionably one of the most diverse and innovative minds to hit the Korean scene in recent years. With a sound that gives off a merry-go-round Danny Elfman fever dream vibe through a hip-hop lens, the young artist’s fame has been rapidly rising since his 2018 debut.

Now he has reached new heights as this month’s RADAR Korea artist.

RADAR, a global Spotify program, is dedicated to showcasing emerging artists around the world through support, helping them expand their audiences to the global stage. Since its launch in 2020, the RADAR Korea playlist in particular has elevated the best and brightest new talent, like AleXa, ASH ISLAND, NMIXX, SOLE, Huh, and LE SSERAFIM, to the global stage.

As this month’s RADAR artist, Zior will grace the top spot on the RADAR Korea playlist. Additionally, we kicked off an exclusive RADAR party last week that included a live performance and the screening of an official RADAR behind-the-scenes documentary.

Zior first hit the scene in 2018 with his single “Beautiful.” His 2020 album THUNDERBIRD MOTEL and 2022’s SYNDROMEZ showed off a freshly polished dark sound touching on nostalgia, pain, and the experience of living a life that is far from normal. Zior’s latest EPs, WHERE DOES SASQUATCH LIVE? Pt. 1 and the recently dropped WHERE DOES SASQUATCH LIVE? Pt. 2 tell the story of “THE MAN WHO SAW SASQUATCH” and the resulting aftermath. Dripping with quirky child-like playfulness, singles such as “CHRISTIAN,” “QUEEN,” AND “MAGIC!” show off the dark-tinged artistry the South Korean has become most known for. 

“I’m thrilled to share my music with a global audience through Spotify’s RADAR program,” Zior told For the Record. “I will continue to explore my musical world and share exciting music and stories that are uniquely Zior Park.”

Listen to the quirky dark side that is Zior Park and other emerging Korean artists in our RADAR Korea playlist.